Tasty Spinach With Scrambled Eggs

Posted on 12. Jul, 2012 by in Egg meal, Spinach, Vegetable meal


Haha! This is really a fast cooking, and extremely less ingredients, furthermore, it’s healthy and delicious! :)

All you need is to prepare:

  1. Mushed frozen spinach
  2. 2 x eggs

Only 1,2,3 steps, and your dish is done.

Be noticed: if you forget to take our the frozen spinach before cooking, don’t worry, just put the spinach block into the wok and put water inside to warm it up for a few minutes, be sure to use a medium temperature. Each time when it becomes dry, add new water inside, till the frozen block is melted. :)

What are you waiting for? Hungry? Lazy? Here we go!

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4 Responses to “Tasty Spinach With Scrambled Eggs”

  1. joep

    12. Jul, 2012

    thank god for our lovely cook that spinach got defrosted and married with scrambled eggs, and garlic, into a most yummy 30-minute dinner! :D :D

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  2. Peter

    13. Jul, 2012

    Marry me!

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  3. Amber

    06. Dec, 2012

    Maggie, you are an inspiration, Thanks for the yummy recipes. Ignore the critics. Just remember…haters gonna’ hate.

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