Streamed Spare Ribs — So Tasty!!!

Posted on 06. Aug, 2012 by in Meat meal, Pork


Personally I like to eat spare ribs pretty much,  it’s really tasty. In general, the meat closing to bones is always very delicious, the bones of animals contain a variety of substances on the human body and nutritious, nourishing and health care functions, they have longevity health effects such as  increase the blood, slow aging… Some people don’t like to eat spare ribs, because it’s hard to bite. Here I can show you a good way to make delicious soft-meat spare ribs. :)


  1. Pork spare ribs
  2. Cornstarch
  3. Soy sauce
  4. Vinegar
  5. Small portion of sugar or xylitol
  6. Green onion
  7. Ginger
  8. Salt
  9. Chopped onion


If you have electronic steamer, it would be great. If not, then you can simply put some water in the wok and use some holder to hold the bowl inside of the wok, without contact water inside, and cover the lid, steam it for about 15-20 mintues, depends on the temperature you have. For the meat, the longer, the softer :)


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2 Responses to “Streamed Spare Ribs — So Tasty!!!”

  1. Kevink

    24. Aug, 2012

    Hmm I have never been one for spare ribs personally, I don’t know why its just every time I have ribs I always end up sick because of them. Maybe I need to try steaming them and see if that helps, great episode Maggie!

    Xylitol is a silly little sugar alcohol, personally I use Splenda. I find it tastes more natural I. Interesting fact about Xylitol, in large doses, it can cause the same effects in dogs as chocolate, so be careful if you have any 4 legged critters around that might be able to get into it. =3

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  2. Maggie

    27. Aug, 2012

    Good tips Kevink! :) I will check out the Splenda. Well, personally I really love the steamed ribs after stir fry them, because the sauce will mix into the meat, makes it more tasty! :D And also it’s not easy to make the meat tender if only grill or fry them, steam is the best way to have tender effect. :)

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