Stir-fried minced beef

Posted on 12. Jun, 2012 by in Beef, Meat meal


Stir-fried minced beef can be very easy to prepare. All you need is just to purchase the packed raw minced beef from supermarket. Before stir-fried, you just need to do some preparations on the raw beef with some seasonings.


  1. One pack of Raw minced beef
  2. Soya sauce
  3. Sesame oil
  4. Chopped ginger 
  5. A small amount of salt
  6. A small amount of amylum (with amylum, beef will become smoother after cooking)


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  1. Kevink

    19. Jul, 2012

    One comment and one question Maggie

    Gonna pass on some words of wisdom from my cooking instructor : “Always add salt later, its possible to add salt, its impossible to remove it”

    and my question:

    Which grade of ground beef are you using? ie. medium, lean, extra lean, etc.)

    Also if you want a nice smokey flavor in the meat adding a dash of ground cumin is awesome for beef and pork! =3

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