Scrambled eggs with tomatoes.

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I left hometown since quite a long time. What I miss the most, is one of the street food — the scrambled eggs with tomatoes.  I remember when I waited on a small wooden chair with those eager eyes for the coming dish, it was such a splendid joy. No matter where I go,  when I’m starving, first thing comes to my mind is the scrambled eggs with tomatoes. Here I would like to share my favorite dish to you, bring you with me back to my childhood memory.:)

You can serve it as lunch, dinner meal or breakfast as well.


  1. 2 x eggs ( 2 more eggs for additional person)
  2. small tomatoes or bigger tomatoes (it doesn’t matter)
  3. a small amount of sugar


  1. You can also add some chopped green onions in the dish to have nice color and flavor. Yellow, red, green – don’t you think it’s beautiful combined-color? ;)
  2. Try to beat the eggs until really fluffy.
  3. Do NOT put too much water in the wok, the best is to let water completely mix well with leaked tomato sauce.
  4. Do NOT put water already while frying eggs



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5 Responses to “Scrambled eggs with tomatoes.”

  1. Andre

    14. Jun, 2012

    This is a nice and tasty dish. It is correctly explained and well presented.
    Keep on Maggie – you do just great.

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  2. Marcel

    22. Jun, 2012

    Nice and tasty, already tried and my cooking skills are really bad. Thanks a lot :)

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  3. Olaf

    03. Jul, 2012

    Pretty nice, fast, easy and delicious – perfect.
    I tried it with onions – really tasty

    Thank you Maggie

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    • Maggie

      05. Jul, 2012

      Thank you Olaf, I’m happy that you like the recipes, all the best! :) Maggie

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