My little melody before cooking :)

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Hi guys

It’s a lovely Friday afternoon, it’s Weekend. After hard working, I sat down for a coffee, suddenly an idea pop up in my head — I wanna share this self-created melody with you guys, and wish you enjoy to listen to my music while you learn to cook.

Life is just like a melody, let’s all create it more colorful and beautiful!

Hope you enjoy the lovely weekend as me :)

Don’t forget come back to me and we will learn more cookings together!

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3 Responses to “My little melody before cooking :)”

  1. Andre

    25. Jun, 2012

    You really have multiple talents … and this all together in a beautiful young lady.
    A nice song which inspires to relax and to feel good.

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  2. Maggie

    25. Jun, 2012

    Thank you Andre!! That’s really nice what you said!:)

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  3. Didier

    25. Jun, 2012

    After soup and piano, I’d take a meat meal with (hot) guitar solo.

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