How to make meat tender

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Tender and tasty meat is always preferable for most of people. But not everyone knows how to do it.

This is very important step before cooking :)

My tip is — Cornstarch!

It’s simple and easy, just mix small portion of cornstarch with meat that you are going to cook, with soya sauce, sesame oil…:)

Check my video, and I will show you how to prepare it step by step


What you need:

  1. Chopped meat
  2. Cornstarch
  3. Sesame oil
  4. Soya sauce

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3 Responses to “How to make meat tender”

  1. Andre

    02. Jul, 2012

    Nice trick and also very tasteful result …
    Maggie, you just look great

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  2. bob

    21. Aug, 2012

    Hi again, Maggie!!
    Finally found and bought some cornstarch. Ready to tenderize my bison filet mignon with it, soy sauce and sesame oil. As always, I have a question for you!

    How long do I let the mixture sit to be tender? Over night in the refrigerator? One hour? Or, maybe, it is ready to use right away.

    Sorry for always having questions. But, I do learn so much from you, my cooking teacher! Thanks you in advance.

    Walk in beauty ~ Bob

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    • andre

      22. Aug, 2012

      Hi, Bob, you are very welcome! You can ask me anytime. Well, if you want the sauce mix better with meat, better leave it for around 1 – 2 hours. But if you forget to mix them beofre, you can also simply mix for 10-15 mins. It’s the question about how good taste will be. :) Specially for beef, the longer, the better, and the meat will be much softer, sometimes you can break an egg and seperate egg white and yolk, beat the egg white and mix with beef, cornstarch and other sauce together, it will make beef even softer, and don’t forget to add oil together:) Hopefull what I said helps:)

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