How to cook tasty eggs in good shape.

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Scrambled eggs are fast and convenient to cook, and also nutrit ious.

But some people make eggs in really bad shape, or some people don’t really like the “fishy taste” from the eggs. How to make really tasty eggs without losing nice fluffy shape? There is a small trick here — Cooking Wine

Cooking wine contains a small amount of alcohol, under the influence of alcohol, the heating of the solidification rate of egg protein will be greatly faster.  On the other hand, the protein has been solidified, so the eggs are easy to be shapped afterwards,  adding a small amount of wine can get rid of the egg smell. With cooking wine, you can even put less oil,  the egg is more tender and taste even more delicious.

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  1. Andre

    02. Jul, 2012

    Nice trick and I will surely try it …
    I used milk for this purpose … works too …
    Wine is much better though …

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