French toast with applesauce.

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If you ask me what’s the simplest breakfast cooking, I’d say, try French toast. It’s easy and tasty!

Why easy and tasty?

You only need toasts, eggs, milk and applesauce.  4 in 1,  and you have all you need in the morning :)

Let’s check out what we need to prepare for this dish:

Cooking time:     around 5 minutes


  1. 2 x eggs
  2. 2 x toasts
  3. Some milk
  4. Applesauce (you can buy them from any supermarkets)
  5. A small amount of sugar

Some tips:

  1. Be sure NOT over-cooked. The best result is, on the surface of the toasts is golden brown and crispy but pretty soft below the surface.
  2. DON use too high temperature, but when you put prepared toasts inside, be sure the pan is warm enough.
  3. You also can use your creative imagination, add some fruits aside; If you are cinnamon fan, feel free to spead some on the top of the toasts. :)

It’s also your choice to beat the eggs and milk at the same time, but for me I prefer seperately to dip the toasts in so that I could know the amount for need.

This is really easy and delicious dish, I believe everyone can do so.  It won’t take you more than 5 minutes.  I bet it’s a great morning surprise for the one you wanna share to. ;)


2 Responses to “French toast with applesauce.”

  1. Andre

    14. Jun, 2012

    Apparantly easy to do, but a difficult dish to do correctly.
    Thanks to the useful tips about little details … all will go well.
    Super well done Maggie

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  2. Mei

    18. Jun, 2012

    simple and uncomplicated cooking! super for busy or lazy people! well done, Maggie!

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