Best Eggplant with minced beef with healthy recipe

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If you love eggplant, then I highly recommend you to watch my eggplant with minced beef video. :) I have some friends always asking me how to make eggplant with mince beef or with minced pork. This dish looks complicated, but after watching my video, you will know it’s really easy to prepare and fast to cook. :)

No matter where I’ve been, in  my own opinion,  Asian eggplant cook is the most delicious way. If you don’t belive me, you can watch this video and learn to prepare this dish with me together, after taste it, let me know what you think :p

Here are the steps you need to prepare:


  1. Chopped eggplant
  2. Fried minced beef
  3. Soya sauce
  4. Oyster oil
  5. Shaoxin wine (or anyother wine if you don’t have shaoxin wine)
  6. chopped garlic
  7. chopped ginger
  8. red chilli 
  9. small amount of salt
  10. green onion
  11. a glass of water


  1. If you are vegetarian and you can cook eggplant the same way without putting any meat inside, it’s same delicious. If you are more creative, you can think to add some corn kernels or other lovely combinations. :)



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5 Responses to “Best Eggplant with minced beef with healthy recipe”

  1. Andre

    21. Jun, 2012

    Great choice of recipe … I am longing to see the presentation. I ‘d love to try this myself too.

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  2. Andre

    22. Jun, 2012

    Now that I saw the video and heard the explanation, I can only say that it is fabulous … great dish, great presentation and good tips and tricks.
    Congratulations Maggie – you get better every day …

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  3. joep

    12. Jul, 2012

    yum! this looks similar to qiezi.. dui bu dui? :D

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